Spanish Bullrings

Traditional bullring in Spain

The bullring is a stadium in which bullfighting takes place. Though there have been bullrings constructed around the world, some of the biggest and most popular stadiums are located in Spain. Most of the current bullrings are historic and culturally significant structures, which were constructed decades ago to house fans who came to watch the fighting event.

Though the structure of the rings may differ slightly from one location to another, they are all enclosed, circular structures, which can house tens of thousands of people per event. The open space in the middle of the arena ( ‘ruedo’ in Spanish), is the stage for the bullfight; perfectly positioned in the middle so people all around the arena have a clear view of the spectacle.

Indoor bullpen

Inside the bull

The current state of these arenas is not as good as they used to be. Since the majority of the arena is outdoors, the benches and cabins’ roofing at bullfighting arenas are subjected to extremely rough environmental conditions. As well, the arenas are used very sporadically and therefore generate very low income, which is insufficient for proper maintenance.

There are several facilities on the main level, including a reception hall, infirmary, offices, sleeping quarters, chapel, stores, stables, ticket offices, restrooms and the bull pen.


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