Bullfighting has a long and prominent history within Spanish culture, beginning in the fifth century A.D, and continuing to progress until today. In recent years the act of bullfighting has been opposed by many based on its violent and gruesome nature, causing controversial appeals from both citizens and organizations alike.

The act of bullfighting originated as a more religious, peace-making practice, it has developed more so into an entertainment-focused event which glamorizes the grotesque slaughtering of a bull. Although there are some cultural aspects intertwined, the importance of bullfighting is not genuine as it once was.

At present, though little has been done to change the current legislation around bullfighting, it appears that based on the amount of support that the Catalonia region received in their bullfighting abolishment, other regions may soon also follow suit.  Thus, although bullfighting is still a common event in Spain, the steady decline of people’s interest of the sport and the continuous rise of animal welfare activists may foreshadow an eventual demise of the sport.


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