Children and Bullfighting

Under the current government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, a law was passed which prohibited children under the age of fourteen from attending bullfights, because of the violent and gory nature of the event. Unfortunately, the under-fourteen law restriction was only upheld for one year, as many individuals opposed the law change, claiming it infringed upon their rights.

A study done by Grana et al on the effects of bullfighting on children determined that of those that viewed the event:

  • 49.6% felt it had a negative impact on their emotional well-being
  • 50.4% believed it had no effect
  • 60% thought the least attractive part of the fight was the death of the bull
  • and 52% of youth believed no harm should be done to the bull

Some scientists have argued that exposing children to violence at a young age, especially in instances like bullfighting where the use of violence and death are readily accepted actions, could have an overall negative effect on the child. This is because since bullfighting is seen as an acceptable practice, it encourages children to resort to violence instead of other means of resolution


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